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Tattoo Betty 1

Tattoo Betty 1

Many of these images feature a mat pattern which is printed around the image or text. The printed mat will be visible in all relevant preview images, so you will know exactly what the final product will look like. The printed mats allow you to place your images directly into frames without the time and expense of adding a mat after your art arrives.

The goal of my work with models is to create images that portray intelligence and confidence, and which exist without the slightest hint of reservation or apology. These images are created as reflections of a level of self-confidence far higher than those usually experienced today. Far too often we limit ourselves in our expression of these qualities, when in truth they both exist, in full, within every one of us.

The philosophy images are the result of my efforts to fight the erosion of reason in the world by continually lighting candles of understanding. My work in creating images of nature and architecture arises solely from the joy of doing so.

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